Plasma Cutting

Product Details

We can plasma cut up to 40mm, high precision cutting is done by drawing in nesting programs with the experienced technical cadre .

CNC Laser Cutting

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With 4KW Fiber and 6Kw carbon laser technology, laser cuts up to 25mm thickness are provided at minimum cost.

Oxy Cutting

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We can oxy cut up to 300 mm with our W 3500x L 14000 sized machine.

Cylinder Bending

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All types of cylinder bending processes are carefully manufactured.

Abkant Bending

Product Details

Versatile pulsed bending up to 12 meters can be made.

Work Machine Equipment

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Excavator, Loader, Channel (Backhoe) Buckets, Forklift Forks, Riper, Timber Attachments, Scrap Polymers are manufactured from heavy duty hardox steels.

Our Other Manufactures


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With CNC Machining Machines in our world, Hardox abrasive steels are machined with machining, debarking, milling and machining.

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